We’re just a young, married couple brought together by food, blogging about what they eat - and what you should be eating, too!

Join Chelsea & Justin in their food adventures across the state of North Carolina. Follow their travels to near and far, where they seek out locally owned and locally made eats. From traditional southern to international street food, there's almost nothing these two won't try... if not devour.


We are lucky to live in the middle of the state - Greensboro, NC. It's home to many infamous NC places like Stamey's Barbeque, Yum Yum's Better Ice Cream & Hot Dogs, Smith Street Diner, and Natty Greene's Pub & Brewing. There's also a huge international community that generously invites you to try new cuisines! We absolutely love living and dining here.


We're also right around the corner from Winston-Salem, High Point, and Jamestown. Luckily for us, we can travel to Wilmington or Asheville in 3 hours, and to Charlotte, Raleigh, or Asheboro in 1 hour. We've even made the trip to the Outer Banks a few times! Sometimes, the mountains call. Sometimes, the ocean does. And sometimes, the nearest Thai restaurant is where we find ourselves.

Tell us where to go next on our Contact Us page or through Instagram! Casual or formal... BBQ or squid... Mac & Cheese or a fancy Bibb salad... We love trying new food and are always up for a little trip around the state!


Does "everything" cover it?


Between the two of us, there is truly nothing we would not try... (except for maybe an obscure pepper that is intended to hurt someone.) Of course, there are things we like more than others.

Some of our favorites include:

  • Thai cuisine

  • Tacos

  • All other Mexican cuisine - the authentic stuff!

  • Pizza - who doesn't like pizza?

  • Korean BBQ

  • Soup

  • Seafood - especially crab

  • Ice cream

  • Steak

  • Trying new things!

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